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This year (more than ever) we've been challenged to find the best ways to stay connected to the ones we love. I know I've had my share of family game nights, happy hours, and brunches via zoom. I also lost several rounds of virtual Monopoly to my brother and sister.
While we've embraced digital experiences, have we forgotten how good it is to send something tangible? Considering that the Holidays might be scaled down drastically for a lot of us... Why not send your loved ones something special in the mail. Here's the Blaze & Sparkles gift guide!
For your active friend; you know that friend that just posted their HIIT workout for the day... that one... two piece set
For the friend that has been keeping it cute, in the crib. The Marvin Dress
Marvin Dress
For your friend that needs to a little reminder to shine brighter... Jewelry
For the person who needs a reminder to take a break... Candles
For literally anyone, add a cute mask
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